Association members

The Polish Blueberry Growers Association represents 102 members and a total of 3000 hectares of blueberry production.


We have different backgrounds and life experiences, but we are unified in our love and passion for blueberries. We run our own companies and farms, but we are open to cooperation and an exchange of experience. This is why the Association actively supports (and has supported for years) both the growers and the entire blueberry sector. For some, it is already a family tradition and the next generation that not only runs blueberry plantations but also actively participates with the Association.

Our Goals

The Association was established to represent the growers associated in it and to support the sustainable production and sale of Polish blueberries both on the domestic market and abroad. Our activities are addressed not only to the growers themselves, but also to blueberry consumers.

In cooperation with scientists and industry experts, we try to jointly implement the latest varieties and technologies after adapting them to the local conditions – all with respect for the natural environment, and above all with the satisfaction of thee consumers in mind.

We are present at the most important domestic and foreign industry events and actively promote the positive image of Polish blueberry farmers. We try to create a friendly legal and administrative environment for the production and consumption of the fruit. We also try to shape the conditions of sale and to promote fair prices of the fruit through educational activities and promoting information on the cost of production, infrastructure, logistics and other investment outlays.

We are open to cooperation and exchange of experience with organizations with the same or similar scope of activity.

Blueberries from Poland love to travel

We send blueberries to even the most demanding markets:

  • within Europe: United Kigndom, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, and more
  • outside of Europe: Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Far East countries, and more

Interested in buying Polish fruit?

Our members can fulfil even the most demanding orders.

Feel free to reach out to us, or to the Growers directly.